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Ambient, Electronica & Techno DJ sets

Ambient, Electronica & Techno DJ sets

Since the early years of rave culture, Jean-Yves Leloup has been DJing and mixing ambient, electronica, and deep techno music, as a solo DJ, but also alongside his partner Eric Pajot from the Radiomentale duo, as a kind of 4 to 6 desks soundsystem.

Jean-Yves Leloup’s DJ sets can be listened on this Mixcloud page.

Listen to a chill-out and melodic electronic set, recorded at Sacho Festival.

Listen to a deep & melodic techno DJ set, entitled « Riding The Void ».

Listen to an ambient, dub & industrial electronic DJ set, entitled « When The World Will End ».

Listen to an ambient DJ set, entitled « Drained Lake ».

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